Publications of D. Bell [rss]
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[2] Measuring the precise area of peripheral retinal non-perfusion using ultra-widefield imaging and its correlation with the ischaemic index (C.S. Tan, M.C. Chew, J. van Hemert, M.A. Singer, D. Bell, S.R. Sadda), In Br J Ophthalmol, volume 100, 2016. [bib] [pdf] [doi]
[1] Ultra-widefield Imaging of the Peripheral Retinal Vasculature in Normal Subjects (M. Singer, M. Sagong, J. van Hemert, L. Kuehlewein, D. Bell, S.R. Sadda), In Ophthalmology, volume 123, 2016. [bib] [pdf] [doi]
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