Proceedings of the IWPLS09 International Workshop on Portals for Life Sciences (bibtex)
	_day = {09},
	_month = {09},
	abstract = {IWPLS'09 focuses on research contributions for portals and tools in the field of life sciences. It brings together scientists from the fields of life science, bioinformatics and computer science. Its aim is to become the international platform to exchange experience, formulate ideas, and catch up on technological advances in molecular and systems biology in the context of portals.

All papers published in these proceedings were accepted through a peer-reviewing process. Each paper had a 30-minute presentation and each accepted abstract had a lightning talk of 10 minutes.

We would like to thank the authors for their contributions and our Program Committee for the effort put into reviewing. Nine papers were selected out of the excellent submissions. We owe much gratitude to the local organisers, for without their hard work the workshop would not have been such a success.
We acknowledge both the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh and the Scottish Bioinformatics Forum for their financial contributions.},
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