Giving Computational Science a Friendly Face (bibtex)
	_day = {01},
	_month = {10},
	abstract = {Anyone who is purchasing a flight using a web browser expects to be guided through this task: from choosing the possible routes, to finding suitable dates and times, and to paying with a credit card. Today, most researchers from any discipline will successfully use these web-based e-commerce systems to book flights to attend their conferences.

When these researchers are then confronted with solving compute-intensive problems, they need not expect such elaborate web-based systems to enable their domain-specific tasks. Instead, they will have to deal with archaic command-line tools and in the best case they may have access to generic portals that mimic the technical complexity of the underlying infrastructure. These interfaces are expensive to use as they require much investment from the researchers in terms of training. Moreover, the laborious and intricate processes involved often lead to errors.},
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