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17 Aug 1999


Converts the mail aliases of Elm to a list of aliases suited for the Mutt mail reader.


Mondriaan Art

1 May 1999

This application produces Mondriaan (also known as Mondrian) like art. To help people remember what Mondriaan’s art looks like the site is in style of the paintings he made during his last years. Black horizontal and vertical lines that intersect forming rectangular areas that are coloured exclusively using white, black or one of the primary colours. Static Linux version available.

Mondriaan Art

Grouping Genetic Algorithm

1 Oct 1997

For performing experiments on graph k-colouring with the Grouping Genetic Algorithm (GGA) as introduced by E. Falkenauer. For problem instances it uses the Graph Coloring Problem Generator by Joe Culberson. All results in the paper included as a separate archive.

See the following papers for more details.

  • Graph Coloring with Adaptive Evolutionary Algorithms (A.E. Eiben, J.K. van der Hauw, J.I. van Hemert), In Journal of Heuristics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, volume 4, 1998.
  • Comparison of the SAW-ing Evolutionary Algorithm and the Grouping Genetic Algorithm for Graph Coloring (J.I. van Hemert, A.E. Eiben), Technical report, Leiden University, 1997.


1 Jan 1997


This application implements the Stepwise Adaptation of Weigths Algorithm (SAW) and can be used to run experiments on graph k-colouring instances created using the Graph Coloring Problem Generator of Joe Culberson.