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Apr 1, 2001 - 1 minute read

Evolving abstract paintings - eArtWeb

This evolutionary art system is designed to be as general as possible. It makes it an easy to extend system, open to many different forms of art. The system also utilises a database to store the actions of its visitors, thereby creating an interesting pool of data for studying subjective user preferences regarding two dimensional visual art. It is completely written in Perl, making it very flexible and easy to maintain.


Mar 27, 2001 - 1 minute read



This page will transform your Netscape (Communicator’s) bookmark file into a Palm Pilot Database file suitable for List DB. This way your can carry around your bookmarks in an easy to view way without having to Graffiti all those bookmarks by hand. Just enter your file in the box (or use the browse button) and click on ‘Get PDB file’. A download window will appear with the file.


Aug 17, 1999 - 1 minute read



Converts the mail aliases of Elm to a list of aliases suited for the Mutt mail reader.


May 1, 1999 - 1 minute read

Mondriaan Art

This application produces Mondriaan (also known as Mondrian) like art. To help people remember what Mondriaan’s art looks like the site is in style of the paintings he made during his last years. Black horizontal and vertical lines that intersect forming rectangular areas that are coloured exclusively using white, black or one of the primary colours. Static Linux version available.

Mondriaan Art